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food ingredients - whats in it
whats in it - food ingredients

Do you have food allergies, dietary preferences or a diet-specific illness?

Perhaps you are on a pregnancy diet, vegan diet or gluten-free diet, would like to avoid all forms of processed sugar and sweeteners or you want to know what is in the food that you eat. Whatsinit? (aka what’s in it?) is the free food ingredients app by nutritionists and dieticians that helps you to navigate all food labels to ensure that you are only eating the things that you want and nothing else.

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How it works

food ingredients - food labels

Food ingredients can be explored in various ways:

At a glance, all food ingredients are colour coded.

With a short summary of no more than 12 words.

With a detailed description that also includes aliases, nutrients and potential minor or chronic side effects.

Still want to know more? Our one tap link will take you directly to the ingredient’s Google search results.

Food ingredients colour codes


Natural, widely considered safe.


Natural or artificial, may cause a few side effects, considered safe.

Cut back

Natural or artificial, may cause significant side effects, considered safe in small or recommended quantities.


Natural or artificial, widely considered unsafe.

Whatsinit? unique features:

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Work offline

Access information about food ingredients anywhere, anytime.
What’s in it? can be used without an internet connection.

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Learn aliases

One ingredient can be known by
many names. The Whatsinit? app lists ingredients with their names and aliases so nothing sneaks by you.

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Beyond calories

Not all calories are created equal. Look beyond calories to discover the effects that food ingredients can have on health.

3 tools to find ingredients:

With its dynamic food label search features, What’s in it? removes the limitations of barcodes.
Our extensive food ingredients database can be accessed using the keyboard, camera or voice function so you can use it wherever, whenever.

food ingredients - keyboard

Type it

Look up food ingredients using your keyboard.

Save time typing out ingredient names by using the predictive suggestions which are displayed as you type.

Add and search for every ingredient on a food label in seconds.

Capture it

Search for all food ingredients on a food label, menu, or any other list of ingredients in seconds.

Our optical character recognition (OCR) technology can identify ingredients directly from your photos.

Our OCR results are up to 100% accurate, subject to lighting conditions and print quality.

food ingredients - ocr
food ingredients - voice recognition

Say it

Look up food ingredients using your voice.

Our built in speech recognition technology can work either online or offline.

A speedy alternative to a keyboard or camera search.

allergies, intolerances and dislikes (aid)

Personalise the app according to your needs by using the allergies, intolerances and dislikes (aid) function which helps you eat safely on any diet and budget and avoid any ingredient with just one click.
You can also choose one of the pre-set diets that range from lactose intolerance to nut allergies or a vegan diet.

food ingredients - allergies

Discover more...

What’s in it? includes a wide range of food ingredients some of which you may not find in packaged foods. You can discover information about proteins, fats, medicinal herbs, spices and probiotic bacteria to name a few.

food ingredients - food types

Save and share what you find

Your scanned items can be saved by date and shared at any time across social media.

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About us

Whatsinit? was formed in 2015 when Temi Alanamu and Rob Renton were made redundant and financial constraints meant that they had to increasingly depend on cheap, processed food. On reading the ingredients labels, they realised that they had no clue what many of the ingredients actually meant.

Born with sickle cell anaemia, a genetic disorder that can be worsened by diet, Temi found herself researching every ingredient on every food label before she ate anything to ensure that it did not contain any substances that could pose any short term or long term side effects. She soon found this lifestyle unsustainable. Tired of asking each other “what’s in this?”, “what’s in that?”, they combined Rob’s technical expertise with Temi’s background in academic research to develop Whatsinit? the food ingredients and allergies scanner.

This app was created in partnership with doctors, nurses, dietitian, nutritionists, trainers and naturalists to ensure that all the information is accurate and up to date.

whatsinit? - what's in it? - food ingredients

What our users say

“My dad has a lot of health problems and we have to watch very closely what we prepare for him because there are a lot of things he can’t have. This app makes the process of weeding out what he can and can’t have a whole lot easier.”
Local M.

“The app is very interesting, it helps its users to protect their health. The graphic is cool and creative, I’m using this app everyday to ensure getting the best result in my health. Thanks for developing.”

“An essential application for me to protect my health. Sometimes to find out the nutrient content of a dish has taken me a lot of time. But with this app I can do it very easily. Just enter a name, take a picture, or use voice as I can find what I want. Great.”

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