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“The app that makes being vegan easier!” – Ellie’s Kitchen

In our increasingly processed and packaged world, it’s harder than ever to keep to a vegetarian or vegan diet. So how can you be sure of what you’re eating and navigate healthily through food label confusion?

Help is here with new free app: Whatsinit?

whats in it - food ingredientsfood ingredients - whats in it

whats in it - food ingredients

How Whats in it? works

whats in it - food ingredients

With its dynamic food label search features, What’s in it? removes the limitations of barcodes. Our extensive food ingredients database can be accessed using the keyboard, camera or voice function so you can use it wherever, whenever.

At a glance, all food ingredients are colour-coded.

With a short summary of no more than 12 words.

With a detailed description that also includes aliases, nutrients and potential minor or chronic side effects.

Still want to know more? A quick link will take you directly to the ingredient’s Google search results.

What our users say

“My dad has a lot of health problems and we have to watch very closely what we prepare for him because there are a lot of things he can’t have. This app makes the process of weeding out what he can and can’t have a whole lot easier.”
Local M.

“The app is very interesting, it helps its users to protect their health. The graphic is cool and creative, I’m using this app everyday to ensure getting the best result in my health. Thanks for developing.”

“An essential application for me to protect my health. Sometimes to find out the nutrient content of a dish has taken me a lot of time. But with this app I can do it very easily. Just enter a name, take a picture, or use voice as I can find what I want. Great.”

whats in it - food ingredientsfood ingredients - whats in it

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